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Golf Frecka

The Frecka will help all levels of golfer improve their swing action.

This video explains the use of the Frecka in aligning your club on the backswing by ensuring the correct angle at your wrist is maintained.

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This video demonstrates how the Frecka maintains the same angle between wrist and club by constant contact with the wrist.

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A view of the grip on the backswing showing the Frecka maintaining contact with the wrist (left-hander).

Top view of the club showing the insert to house the Frecka and the Frecka inserted (left-handed club).


Freck's grip

These next two videos explain the benefit of the parallel grip — Freck's grip — in equalising the swing plane, then how to apply the grip to a club.

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Grips are $10 per each. Fitted grips are $15 per each.


Trade enquiries welcome

Col Frecklington

Member, Australian PGA

P: 0264958074

M: 0419747396

E: golfrecka @