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Clover Leigh golf report for the fourth week of August 2015

Please find below the golf report as issued to the local newspaper - except for an excerpt from section G of the golf dictionary:

Golf - The derivation of the word ‘golf’ from its Celtic and Middle English roots is obscure. Some possibilities are: gilff (an incurable madness), gylf (a notorious liar), gullf (to beat a shrub with a short stick), golve (lost, submerged, stuck, obstructed), galfa (my god! oh no!), goal fyl (to weep) and gaelf (I quit).

Golf Club - 1. The basic implement in golf, which consists of a long shaft on one end of which is the head, which is attached to the shaft at the heel and has on one side a distinct face.  2. A social organisation built around a golf course and composed of a number of heels, a membership committee head with two faces, and a long waiting list of people who are going to get the shaft.


Tuesday’s single stableford competition was won by Peter Frecklington with 35 points. Peter also took out nearest the pin with 433 centimetres on the sixteenth and managed a gobble / birdie on the third. George Gerrard had his gobbles on one and two. And, much like the Jason Day victory in the PGA, none of it appeared to have been caught on camera.

Saturday’s par event went to George Gerrard with an even square result. Nearest the pin to Tania Baldwin on twelve with what appeared to be 220 centimetres but was finally adjudicated at 421 centimetres. Shot of the day to Nico from 50 metres, but for his stubborn ball refusing to do the last roll and a half that would have put in the bottom of the cup on the thirteenth.

Next Saturday will be a single stableford at 10 am.

To all aspiring matchplay participants, note that entries to the club matchplay comp will close on Monday 31 August. Entry is only two dollars and it is difficult to find so much fun for that price anywhere else.

Putting it in


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