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Clover Leigh golf report for the third week of July 2015

Please find below the golf report as issued to the local newspaper - except for the following excerpt from section E of the golf dictionary:

Eagle - Unusually low score on a hole achieved by a golfer with an exceptionally good drive and one or two exceptionally good follow-up shots, or by a golfer with an exceptionally poor memory. 

Equipment - Anything that can be thrown, broken, kicked, twisted, torn or mangled; or propelled, driven or directed, by means of a transfer of momentum, into undergrowth or trees; or over the edge of a natural or artificially elevated area; or below the surface of any body of water, whether moving or contained.


The course was occupied by Indra, the god of rain, for five days leading up to Saturday’s play, when members rolled up to get their feet wet and to play a three person multiplier under the auspices of Apollo, the god of sun.

Serendipitously, the number of members who turned up with dry feet was a multiple of three. These were drawn into teams and sent down the water-logged first fairway.

During the round players were distracted by a very low flying small plane that kept making tight turns and droning in the general vicinity. Speculation was that they might have been surveilling for suspicious plantations, but we all know that that sort of thing would never happen in Crowther.

The winning team of Maree Marland, Mick McDonell and the non-alliterative Peter Frecklington returned with 104 points. Luckily they managed 12 points on the last hole to overtake the clubhouse leaders and ultimate second place team on 98 points. This being George Gerrard, Aaron Walton and Graeme Bell.

Gobbles to Mick on the third and fourteenth, the latter for a birdie and four points. Nearest the pin to Peter with 363 centimetres on the seventh.

Next Saturday will be a single stableford competition.Peg your calendar for the eighth of August for the annual Betty Freck memorial day.

Putting it in


Telephone: Peter on 02 6383 7383 or Col on 02 6495 0874 or George on 02 6383 7111
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