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Clover Leigh golf report for the second week of July 2015

Please find below the golf report as issued to the local newspaper - except for the following excerpt from section D of the golf dictionary:

Double bogey - Two strokes over par, or, for a golfer who happened to score a 7 on a long par-5, a birdie and an eagle that occurred on the same hole. 

Duck hook - A shot that ducks to the left as soon as it is hit. More hazardous than a slice because it carries topspin and tends to roll farther after reaching the ground. As Lee Trevino once said, "You can talk to a fade, but a hook won't listen."


In very wintry conditions, members contested the July monthly medal stroke round. Despite there being more than one starter, the winner was Peter Frecklington with nett 61. Nearest the pin to Peter with 470 cm on the fourteenth. Birdies to Peter on the sixth and seventeenth by chip-in.

In arctic conditions on Sunday with rain, wind and sago snow, two fools, erm, members from Clover Leigh, George Gerrard and Peter Frecklington travelled to Harden to contest the South West District mens foursomes regional final on a saturated track.

The winning team, earning a spot in the state final in Bonville, with plus seven were Russell Peck and Graeme Goodman from Cootamundra. Runners up on plus five were Craig Filmer and Ron Page of Harden. George and Peter shared plus three with Bill Barton and Mick Pigram of Gundagai for equal third.

Thanks to Harden for presenting a playable course in atrocious conditions. Greens were soggy, but played true. It can only be hoped that some of the trees get waterlogged and will be missing next year.

No thanks to NSW Golf for being inflexible about an inclemency postponement.

Next Saturday will be a three person multiplier, draw for partners.

Putting it in


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