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Clover Leigh golf report for the second week of June 2015

Please find below the golf report as issued to the local newspaper - except for the following excerpts from Section B of the golf dictionary:

Ball - “A dimpled, rubber-covered, solid-cored or composite-cored, high-compression sphere with a weight of 45.95 grams and a diameter of 4.26 centimetres that will enter a cup 10.79 centimetres in diameter and 10.16 centimetres deep after an average of 3.87 putts.”

Brassie - Traditional name for the 2-wood, whose sole was at one time made of brass. The 3-wood is sometimes referred to as a “spoon,” the 4-wood as a “baffie,” the 5-iron as a “mashie,” the 7-iron as a “mashie-niblick,” and the 9-iron as a “niblick.” Any club wrapped around a tree is a “smashie.” If a club is flung into a water hazard, it is a “splashie.” If it is hurled at a dog, it is a “lassie.” A club that was allegedly used for a hole-in-one is a “fibstick.” If it was a 3-wood, it is a “fablespoon.”


The winner of Tuesday’s single stableford was Peter Frecklington with 36 points, who also managed to land 270 cm from the cup on the fifth hole to take out nearest the pin.

The winner of Friday’s nine-hole competition was Peter with 21 points. Col Frecklington birdied the ninth, Betty Freck’s birdie hole, so scoring a ball. Other birdies to Peter on eleven and fourteen.

The winner of Saturday’s mens single stableford was Peter with 37 points. Runner up to Mick McDonell on a countback from Stan Morrison on 36 points. Nearest the pin to Peter with 464 centimetres on the eighth.

The winner of the womens single stableford was intermittent visitor Noelene Morrison with 34 points. Runner up to inaugural visitor Sue Gilchrist with 32 points. Nearest the pin to annual visitor Anni Stear with 374 centimetres.

Birdies to Col Frecklington on the first, Peter on the eighth, Graham Ball on the fourteenth and Rose Alpen on the eighteenth. This, being the Betty Freck birdie hole, earned Rose a ball.

Gobbles to Col on the first and second, Marie Bagnall on the ninth and Graeme Bell on the twelfth.

On Sunday, the club’s pennant team travelled to Boorowa for round 2 of the small clubs event. Clover Leigh won two and lost three to Boorowa. Bigga won 3.5 and lost 1.5 to Binalong. Point scores after two rounds are: Bigga 13, Boorowa 10, Clover Leigh 10 and Binalong 7.

Next Saturday is a 4BBB draw for partners at 10 am.

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