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Clover Leigh golf report for the fifth week of May 2015

Please find below the golf report as issued to the local newspaper - except for the anecdote about the two really old guys who decide that they are going to try to play a round of golf together. They get to the first tee and the first old guy says to the second, “Can you watch my ball for me?” The second guy says, “Sure! I see fine. Go ahead and hit.”

So the first old man steps up to the tee and really hits it. He turns to his buddy and says, “Did you see it?”

“Sure!” says his buddy. “Where did it go?” the first guy asks. The second old man thinks for a minute, and says, “I can’t remember.”


Tuesday’s field played a single stableford. One player equalled his best ever score, but did he win? One player chipped in on the third hole, but did he win? One player had two three-pointers in a row, but did she win? Nope. Nope. Nope.

Winning with a tally of 35 points was Peter Frecklington, who also failed to convert his nearest the pin shot of 494 cm on the eighth hole.

Saturday’s stableford novel-tee event was well attended in cool conditions on a well saturated track. All tees were moved to unorthodox positions, providing a new perspective on the course and another on the players’ abilities.

Did the player who had his best ever stableford score, win? Did the player who had consecutive four-pointers win? Did the player who nearly drove the par-four ninth win? Nope. Nope. Nope.

Ladies winner was Tania Baldwin with 37 points. Ladies nearest the pin also to Tania who then sank her 450 centimetre putt for a fine birdie.

Mens winner, Graeme Bell, rang up another 40 points. Mens nearest the pin to Reg Frecklington on the seventeenth, who then sank his 376 centimetre putt for a fine birdie. 

Another birdie to Tania on the ninth, and being the Betty Freck memorial birdie hole, so another trophy to Tania. Gobbles to Reg on the first, Peter Frecklington on the fifth and to Graeme on the sixteenth.

Next week, a stroke round, from the orthodox tee positions, for the June monthly medal, 10 am hit off.

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