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Clover Leigh golf report for the third week of May 2015

Please find below the golf report as issued to the local newspaper - except for the link to the recently completed national golfing survey on pace of play. See the full report here which states that 25% of clubs have a serious level of concern regarding pace of play in male events, but only 16% sharing the same view within female events. Not included in the survey results is the apposite anecdote of the two male acquaintances playing a twosome who were being held up by two women playing in front of them. The first player volunteers to go and ask to play through. He gets half way up to them, then quickly returns. “Well, this is a bit awkward. One of them is my wife and the other is my mistress. Could you go and ask?” The second player says he will and sets off but gets no further than the first before returning. “Well,” he says “what a coincidence!”


Hod, the god of winter, was allowed to close the course on Tuesday, so there was no play.

Saturday was a par event, which the national golfing survey on the pace of play states is the fastest event type, with an average round time of 4 hours and 12 minutes. Players at Clover Leigh hit off at 10 am and all players returned to the clubhouse by 1:45 pm, thus bettering the national average.

According to the law of averages though, the field did not better the national average score for a par event. Cleaning up this week, once again, was Graeme Bell with a final score of minus one. Keep subtracting to find the scores for the remainder of the field.

Nearest the pin to Mick McDonell on the seventeenth within 1071 cm of the cup, and the only other player to distinguish himself was George Gerrard with a gobble-birdie on the twelfth.

Sunday, Clover Leigh played the Binalong Pennant team and won three matches to two at Bigga. Bigga played Boorowa for the same result. Thanks to Bigga for their hospitality on a well tended course on a great, sunny, Autumn day.

The progress score for the concurrent ingle stableford event is Igga 36 points, Inalong 0 points, Oorowa 22 points and Lover Leigh 0 points.

Next Saturday will be a stableford event and the qualifying round for the NSW foursomes championship. Hitoff at 10 am, with a national target of 4 hours and 15 minutes to beat.

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